Anzea79: How it all started.

In January 2012, we lost one of our most beloved classmates in the person of Yemisi Iyilola and about 6 of us met at her wakekeep and promised to stay in touch with one another henceforth.

Bisi Adegbite and Margaret Ononokpono (also of blessed memory) organised a meetup at Sweet Sensation on the 1st of October that year with the following in attendance: Bisi Adebowale, Sola Oni, Arin Ajileye, Ronke Adeyinka, Funlola Alli, Joke Olagbaju, Bisi Adegbite and Margaret Ononokpono.

Subsequently, we tried to meet at events such as weddings and funerals to keep up the tempo. In December 2013, Bisi Adegbite organised another meeting at her home but unfortunately, only Joke Olagbaju, Sola Oni and Bimbo Adejobi were in attendance. Incidentally, it was a great meeting and we were encouraged by the Bible verse of not despising small beginnings.

In April 2014, Joke Olagbaju, Funke Osinibi, Lola Odeleye, Sola Oni and Bisi Adegbite attended the final burial ceremony for the dad of Morounfola Degun. She was so excited and had so much passion about a full reunion that she attended the next meeting at Joke Olagbaju’s to discuss the whatsapp strategy. Most painfully, on her way to this historic meeting, Margaret Ononokpono passed on in a tragic accident. We must confess that her passionate alma mater spirit spurred us onto a stronger sisterhood. Moroun Degun exploded the seed into the tree we now have with the enthusiasm of a soldier (hence her nickname Sergie (Sergeant-at-Arms)).

She collected all the contacts she could from the Nigerian based girls and started adding as many as possible to the group on a daily basis.

Since then, we have grown to a group of 80 members, which is a feat considering that 105 of us were admitted that fateful year of 1974.

We have since held proper elections to select an executive and endlessly support one another in the areas of welfare, attendance at family functions.

It is worthy of note that the group is still thriving 2 years after and knowing that we’ve come a long way inspires us to be hopeful of a long way to go….

St. Anne’s, St. Anne’s
May none of us here fall behind…
Update by Adebisi Adegbite